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Example Elements #4 - Novan Assassin Superheavy Tank from Vanguard Miniatures

Inevitably, when dealing with any sci-fi miniatures game, you have to deal with the dominance of a certain grimdark intellectual property. But the Lenton Monolith isn't the only company working in grimdark scifi, and despite the release of Legion Imperialis, it arguably still isn't working at 6mm scale (although feel free to use your LI minis to play Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark - I know I will!). Vanguard Miniatures has been continuing to support smaller scale grimdark for years, and as a result they have a healthy selection of "superheavy" elements, informed by the aesthetics of a Dark Millennium.

Image (c) Vanguard Miniatures

The line between "heavy" and "superheavy" can sometimes he hard to draw, but not, I think, in this case. The Assassin is indisputably a monster of the battlefield, bringing with it some seriously potent firepower.

The plasma upgrade is going to be called for at the very least. I am inclined to think that such a dominating element deserves a Command upgrade and possible a hero as well. Command upgrades allow it to generate orders that can be given to other elements. A drawback with superheavy elements is that they are Lumbering, which has positives and negatives but definitely makes it harder for them to bring their terrifying firepower to bear in a crowded battlefield. So I think a hero with the Heroic Initiative upgrade would be a good idea. And possibly adjusting stats to make it a smidgen more mobile. A reinforced frontage also seems like a good idea for an element that will rarely be at the spearpoint of a force.








Superheavy cavalry







Rapid(2), Lumbering(2), Hero (Heroic Initiative), Plasma, Reinforced Frontage

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