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Precinct Omega does its best to place sustainability, recycling and environmental consideration at the heart of its business practice.  As such, we will tend to ship using second-hand and re-purposed materials and products.  Every effort is made to ensure that this is clean and hygienic and, of course, that it will ensure your products reach you in the best possible condition.

We typically make one shipping run per week, usually on a Friday.  However, if you need your order urgently, feel free to let us know in the notes and we will do our best to have it on its way by the following working day.

That said, we are a one-employee company.  So shipping may be affected by personal circumstances beyond our control.


We do our very best to ensure that our products reach you in the condition you would expect.  When it comes to resin miniatures, this means that they may still require some work before they are ready for paint, such as removing flash, casting vents or small mould lines.  Our products are intended for experienced hobbyists and the presence of these features is not normally a flaw for which we would consider an exchange.

However, we do have a no-quibble refund guarantee.  If you wish to return your products to us in the condition in which they were sent to you (un-assembled, unpainted and ideally in their original packaging) we will always refund the cost of the product.  We will not refund the cost of shipping either to or from you unless we are at fault (having sent you wrong item, for example, or an item demonstrably flawed and not fit for use).

Items can be returned to: Precinct Omega, 1 Orchard Road, Bishop's Cleeve, GL52 8LX, United Kingdom.

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