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Example Elements #5 - Extreme Weather Troopers from Grumbler Miniatures

I had never heard of Grumbler Miniatures until, as part of this series of articles, I just did a search for "6mm Sci-Fi" and they were one of the top results. Their sci-fi range isn't huge and lacks photographs. But they did include a photo of their Extreme Weather Troopers.

Image (c) Grumbler Miniatures

Generally, "light infantry" is pretty easy to spot when you see it and these guys are no exception. With eight sprues of four minis each, you can easily make ten elements with a couple of minis left over to turn into pilots for mechs or aircraft.

I like Grumbler's selection because they are so varied. On the right hand column, on the left-hand side of each sprue we have three guys with missile launchers of some sort, implying the option for a rocket, missile or smart missile upgrade. On the left-hand column, three down, we've got a nice "pointing" miniature that suggest either a hero or a Command upgrade.

And the fact that they're in extreme weather gear makes them look a bit more distinctive, so you either run them as Special Forces instead of light infantry, or you could just upgrade them to veterans or elites.

I've put together, below, an example of a light infantry element with the Rocket and a two-star Command upgrade, plus the Veterans upgrade and a hero added for good measure.








Light Infantry







Alert, Dig In(3), Hero, Veteran, Rocket

I've not ordered from Grumbler, but ten elements and two pilots with some really characterful little minis for £4.00 is a bargain, so they're worth checking out.

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