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Example Elements #2 - British Light Infantry on Skimmers from Brigade Models

One of my favourite things about miniatures agnostic games like Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark is finding new minis to add to my collection that I would otherwise not have had a good excuse for. This is a prime example!

Image (c) Brigade Models

The British Light Infantry on Skimmers from Brigade Models is exactly what I had in mind when I came up with the Mobile Infantry element in Midnight Dark. Mobility, for modern light infantry, is such a game changer and the possibilities in a sci-fi setting are almost endless.

Mobile infantry is fantastic at advancing rapidly and seizing objectives. Their big problem is holding onto it because they become exhausted through fatigue very easily due to their low stats and low D. If you can get them dug in quickly, though, they can weather a few turns, giving your heavy infantry or special forces time to move in and take over their position, or just allowing your heavy cavalry and mechs to force the enemy back.

The British Light Infantry on Skimmers could easily be upgraded with contragrav to make them even faster and more nimble and although that will lose them some punch, punch isn't the primary purpose of the Mobile Infantry element. Still, if you want to maximize their ability to take and hold objectives, you can upgrade them to be veterans or even elites and then they'll be even harder to shift. Add a hero to one or more of the elements for best results!

Elite Mobile Infantry with the contragrav upgrade will cost you 18 points per element. Brigade models sells these guys in pack of 12, so you can either base 2 or 3 minis per element for 4-6 elements for just £3.00. Bargain!








Mobile Infantry







Rapid(2), Dig In(2), Elite, Contragrav

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