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Example Elements #1 - Dragonfly Gunship from Microworld Games

This is the first in an irregular series I'll be doing, picking out miniatures from some of my favourite manufacturers and ranges to suggest stats and upgrades and give some tips on the battlefield role it could play.

Image (c) Microworld Games

The Dragonfly Gunship from Microworld Games is a great example of a light gunship in Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark. Add rockets, smart missiles and/or the forward observer upgrades for a bit more tactical utility. Being able to drop the spotlit state onto an enemy element and dash rapidly away can be a huge force multiplier. Not only will your elements hit spotlit targets harder, but an opponent will be far more cautious about exposing spotlit targets, so the state impedes their tactical freedom at the same time as improving your shooting power.

The Dragonfly comes in at 26 points with rockets and forward observer upgrades, but for extra flavour, and 27 points, you canupgrade those rockets to missiles and give the element the indirect trait and the ability to stun enemy elements.

If you think you might face a numerically-superior army with lots of infantry or light armour, you might instead take the gatling upgrade (to represent that heavy weapon on the Dragonfly's nose). However, remember that you can't combine a full Shoot action (increasing the Dragonfly's F from 3 to 5 at close range) with a rapid Move action in the same activation, so you'll want to make good use of Spotlight to mark targets from distance, close, hit them hard, then escape behind cover before they can shoot back. A perfect ambush predator!








Light gunship







Rapid(4), Forward observer, Missile

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