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Zero Dark: The Miniatures Line - Stretch Goals #1

Assuming I'm lucky enough to not only reach the funding goal for this project but also to push through to some stretch goals, what are they going to look like?

Well, we've got a few different kinds of stretch goal. Let's start with everyone's favourite: extra minis.

This is Sergeant Lox. In Operation Nemesis he is the team's second-in-command and medic and you'll see the same thematic links in his design that I've mentioned in previous newsletters. But I thought it was worth talking about the project's concept art. First of all, I am the "artist" here. I don't have the wherewithal to commission a professional on top of the sculptor! But I actually have a history in concept art for miniatures design and know that the object isn't to depict the miniature exactly as it should appear when sculpted but, rather, to provide the sculptor with sufficient information regarding the sculpt. His pose will be guided by reference pictures, whilst his weapon will just be the same as previous designs. Key features here are his hood, scarf, jacket, eye device, wrist device and red cross tabard.

Lox hasn't yet gone to the sculptor and won't until we reach our funding target, so it'll be a while before he's in production, if ever. But if we do get there, then anyone who opts for an "all in" backer level will get Lox added to their pledge 100% free along with any other unlocked additional heroes.

But there are two other kinds of stretch goal in the campaign: bonuses and materials. Next time, we'll talk about the bonuses.

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