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Infinite Dark - Design Blog #1 - Elevator Pitch

Updated: May 28, 2021

Horizon Wars: Infinite Dark is nearly here!

I'm comfortably on schedule for my planned publication date of Friday 28th May 2021 to the point that I'm prepared to say that that's my planned publication date. If humanly possible, the book will drop with both print and PDF editions at the same time, but print on demand may run a few days behind PDF. We'll see.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good excuse to write a series of blogs talking about the game's development, it's key features and why fans of spaceship combat games should buy it.

An "elevator pitch" - as I'm sure you don't really need to be told - imagines that you find yourself in an elevator with a person prepared to listen to your idea for as long as it takes to reach the lobby. If they like it, it gets bought. If not, it doesn't.

Infinite Dark puts the people back into the spaceships. It has lots of unique features, including the ability to use the same rules to play mighty conflicts of fleets of immense battleships as well as the tense duel of a pair noble fighters; and a Solo play mode, of course. It's a Precinct Omega game, so you can be sure it's built to accommodate whatever spaceship miniatures you love, with a high degree of customizability built in.

But the pilots are what make it shine. Adding pilots to your fleet not only creates another level of customizability, but also turns each battle into a tale in the careers of your heroes. They may be left floating in the void, or they may make themselves a name in legend. Or both! Whether your pilots are humans, uplifted cetaceans, artificial minds or an entirely new species, each has a history and an attitude, as well their own stat line that will influence how they and their vessel fight.


Doors open. You in?

Since this blog was written, Horizon Wars: Infinite Dark has released on time and can now be bought from Wargame Vault. BUT WAIT! Because you've made the effort to read this blog, you can get an exclusive 15% discount on the PDF edition by following this link instead!

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