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Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark - OUT NOW!

Two years in the making, Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark has finally been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Well, unsuspecting unless they were paying attention to Facebook on 4th December when the book was accidentally released on Wargame Vault for about six hours before somone notified me and I shut it down.

It was a bit of a hint. And not an easy decision to pull the plug, but I had received the test print and the cover art was ever so slightly misaligned and, after a few minutes of agonizing, I decided to set the product to "private" until it was ready. Some advice from my patrons was taken into account, too.

However, all that is behind me. And I've got a few days off from the day job so I can focus on promoting the new game for a little time. It's always been hard to work out what makes a difference to sales, so I have tended to take a "throw it all and see what sticks" approach. And that includes this blog and my website subscribers. So if you would like to help me promote the game through a blog, podcast, ezine, YouTube channel or any other digital outlet and can be bribed with a free PDF copy of the book, let me know!

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