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Example Elements #7 - Combat Engineering Vehicle from Ground Zero Games

GZG is renowned for its website on which they don't bother to show photos of most of their 6mm miniatures and yet they stay in business through word of mouth (people buy minis based on examples they've seen other people share) and through events. This was where I picked up some of their lovely crab mechs (subject to a future blog article).

Image (c) Ground Zero Games

When they do share photos, this is sometimes what they look like!

So you'll just have to take my word for it that their casting is top-notch and their designs always grounded and interesting.

Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark includes upgrades for both combat engineers and what I call "contragrav" which can be either a traditional Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV) in the Hammers Slammers mould or a softer sci-fi antigravity device. Now, it should be said that, as the rules are written, you wouldn't be allowed to have both contragrav and combat engineer on one mini, because you can only take one upgrade from each table unless otherwise stated. However, for casual games this is the kind of rule that should be bent for the right mini. And this is a great example.

I see this as a light cavalry element with the contragrav and combat engineer upgrades. If you wanted to be meticulous, you could drop contragrav. Combat engineers can turn terrain into dangerous terrain, which is a great way to make the occupation of objectives really nasty for your opponent - especially if they are already in the terrain in question!

Light cavalry is a sub-optimal choice in Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark, because it has the same stats as a Light Mech, but is Rapid(3) rather than Rapid(4) and doesn't have access to the same upgrades as a Light Mech, whilst being the same cost. So you could reasonably ask why you would ever take it in an army.

The answer, for now, will be because you have the minis or you want a themed army or you just think that mechs are silly, all of which are perfectly reasonable. However, the longer answer is that there will be additional rules for the game coming in a future supplement that will give light cavalry some additional advantages but I couldn't fit those rules into the main book and I didn't want to have to retrospectively alter the points cost of light cavalry once those rules were published. Let's just say "squadrons" and "orders efficiency" and we'll leave it at that for now.








Light Cavalry








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