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#diceday - Getting Seriously Geeky

Updated: Apr 4

There's nothing I like better than a strong opinion about something that fundamentally doesn't matter. There's far too much stuff out there, these days, that really does matter and where having a strong opinion is actually incredibly difficult either because it's not as simple as the news media might portray the issue, or because the issue is simple, but people's emotional response to it isn't and so expressing your opinion can cause arguments, hurt and pain at a time when, frankly, we could all do with a bit of healing.

And so, to #diceday.

I have strong opinions about dice and they really don't matter. This means that I positively welcome your counter-arguments. It means we could meet over a (socially distanced, when circumstances allow) nice cup of tea and thrash it out and completely disagree and yet still, at the end of it, be friends. So I'm writing a series of articles about different dice, what I love about them and what I hate about them. Please, tell me why I'm wrong.

I'm going to kick this off next week, when I talk about the iconic twenty-sided dice. So let's have some fun!

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