Horizon Wars

Our first major release, published by Osprey Games, we are still developing new material and rules for Horizon Wars, which will be available here for free for a limited time.

Horizon Wars Errata & FAQ v1.0
Thanks to feedback on the official thread at The Wargames Website, we’ve updated our FAQ with new questions and just one, minor, additional erratum.
Horizon Wars: New Adventures 0.1
An update to the Adventures section in the core rulebook, New Adventures is currently in beta testing, but will remain a free download in perpetuity.  It is a living document that will be periodically updated in response to player feedback.
Horizon Wars: Superheavy
Add really massive warmachines to your games of Horizon Wars! Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their dice! Truly, this is best in life!
Horizon Wars: Metaformers
To thank our enthusiastic community for their great feedback and inspiration, we present a bonus beta test document that allows you to field “metaformers”: mechs and aircraft that can change shape (and battlefield abilities) to respond to new tactical challenges.
Pay What You Want
Horizon Wars: DataWar (beta)
Expand your warfare to the digital realm. Operate your elements remotely using drone operators, or program lethal robots to do your bidding. Self-aware Artificial Intelligences can possess and enhance elements, but face stiff resistance from enemy combat hackers. These rules are still in beta testing.
Horizon Wars: BioWar (beta)
Everyone asked for it, so here it is: rules for including biological weapons, from lethal xenomorphs to lumbering kaiju and even mighty winged beasts in your games of Horizon Wars. Here be dragons!
Horizon Wars: Weird Horizons (beta)
If your taste in warfare veers more towards the baroque, brass-bound, improbable and eldritch, then perhaps Weird Horizons is for you!


We are developing Ballmonsters! in partnership with our friends at Macrocosm Miniatures. Pit teams of floating, carnivorous, mutant gas-bags against each other in a hilarious test of judgement and timing!

Ballmonsters! is also looking to raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancer in partnership with Orchid. Because it’s not funny when your balls really are trying to kill you!

Ballmonsters! Beta rules
We’ve finished our alpha phase of testing and discussion and have drilled down our experience into this brand new set of beta rules. Let us know what you think of our balls on our Facebook group!


Precinct Omega’s original fantasy skirmish game is available in its full form from Wargame Vault.

Skrapyard Raw Rules
We’ve removed the game’s background and rules for the different heroes and skrapgangs and present the rules “raw” and fully up-to-date for those who have an older hard copy version of the game or for those who’d like to try before they buy!