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Last year, Precinct Omega ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to develop a range of miniatures inspired by Horizon Wars: Zero Dark.


Step Serjeant Anya Abdalla is the leader of Bal Anub, a special forces X team of specialists and veterans tasked with a mysterious mission. Their story is told in the Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis campaign book. Abdalla is lightly equipped to be able to better blend in with the local population, but carries a light carbine and pistol - both suppressed - to be able to respond with force when necessary. Her visor contains a variety of sophisticated devices to help her see in the ash-choked gloom of the Fallen Earth.


This item consists of 1x 28mm (1/58) scale Abdalla.  The item comes unassembled and unpainted.  Cyanoacrylate (super) glue is recommended for assembly.  Due to small parts, this product is not recommended for children under the age of 12. For older children, adult supervision is advised.

Zero Dark Hero: Abdalla

SKU: ZD001
£8.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price
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