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Zero Dark: The Miniatures Line - Hero #4 KB3

Finally we reach the fourth of our launch heroes, KB3, who is, in many ways, our favourite.

KB3 is an autonomous infantry drone (AID), designed to operate where humans can't, or to be an expendable asset when necessary. KB3 is loaded with multiple software systems that allow it to work independently in a range of tactical roles, including medic, close assault and fire support among others. An Electronic Warfare Operator (EWOp) can switch it between systems as a reaction to battlefield conditions. Alternatively, all of the systems can be deactivated to allow KB3 to operate as pure drone - that is, remotely operated. A remote operated drone gains all of the flexibility of the human mind, but loses the specialist precision of an autonomous robot.

KB3 was a bit of a design challenge, as we wanted a concept that both picked up the same cues as were seen in the other designs, but also that was distinctly a machine. I ended up referring to the concepts for weapons and equipment as often as for characters. His head intentionally looks like a blend of a gun and a camera. I also put a lot of thought into how an engineer would design a hand for a multi-role robot.

KB3 went through the most changes in the sculpting stage, because his feet and antenna were never going to survive casting and, even if they could be printed, would have been impractically fragile. He gained tiny caterpillar tracks on his feet in place of the metal claws in the concept. Robots, of course, are inherently transferrable between sci-fi settings, so less work had to be done on making him useful in different kinds of game. However, we have designed him with separate arms in the hope that he might eventually have a range of options for what he might be holding, if we can hit enough stretch goals.

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