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Zero Dark: The Miniatures Line - Hero #3 Ngana

Third of our four launch heroes for the Kickstarter campaign is Private Miriam Ngana.

All human life on Venus begins in the laboratory in a process of carefully-managed population control. Ngana was created from storied and influential gene lines and expectations for her future were high. But whilst her intelligence and physical abilities are exceptional, her life has been one of pushing at the boundaries set upon her. Her decision to apply for the mech corps rather than officer training is a black mark on her record. But it makes her an excellent fit for Bal Anub, where she is not only the pilot of the team's support mech, CUPID, but also qualified to take the controls of any vehicle you might care to mention.

The concept art picks up several of the design cues already established in the art of both Abdalla and Kurtz, but Ngana's light armour and more casual style speaks both to her role and her youth.

Ngana's hijab can be an expression of religious identity, a reflection of the operational context or just a camouflage hood at your discretion. Although we intend her as a mech pilot, her visor and electronic accoutrements make her an excellent stand-in for a hacker, radio operator or, with the outstretched hand, a medic. Her more casual garb also lends her well to being painted up as an embedded journalist (whose carbine is purely for self-defence, of course!).

If you'd like to help drive the direction of this miniatures range, please come and support the Kickstarter!

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