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"Where's the game!?"

A huge thank you to everyone who's already placed an order at the new Precinct Omega site, but I've had even more people getting in touch to ask where they can find the Ballmonsters! game.

The short answer is: nowhere but on my personal laptop, right now.

The longer answer goes back to when I saw the original Macrocosm Miniatures Kickstarter campaign for the balls and thought "that deserves a game!" When I first started developing the Ballmonsters! game, it was a collaborative process, with input and feedback coming from Macrocosm and their followers. Now, I need to say outright that my creative juices were in no way impeded by that process (ugh!), but unconsciously or otherwise, I restrained some of my instinctive game-design preferences. The result was a workable, interesting game but... I just didn't enjoy playing it very much. It was very thinky. Remember all those people who complain when you introduce pre-measuring into a game because they have mastered the art of eyeballing measurements in inches? They would have loved it.

And although I wanted that to be an element of the game, I didn't want it to be the whole game. So when Macrocosm sold the rights to me, and I sat down to look at what I had, I immediately felt the brakes had eased on my thinking.

As I began spit-balling ideas, I felt the game becoming more "Precinct Omega" by the second. The game became more random, more funny, and more individual. I also discovered I could eliminate some of the more costly ideas, making the final product cheaper (the rules, by the way, will be free in digital form, when they're finished).

Play-testing this more interesting version of the game will take me a month or so, but the answer to the question "where's the game?" is "in Father Christmas's sack".

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