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Warmachine MkIV and the Rise & Fall of Privateer Press

Warmachine has been a ground-breaking game in the world of miniatures wargaming. It came seemingly from no where in 2003 to sweep a trifecta of awards at the ENNies and, over ten years, it rose to the point that publisher Privateer Press was looking like they might de-throne the obsolescing Games Workshop as kings of the miniatures wargaming world.

Fast forward to the latest news about the release of their "MkIV" fourth edition and it is clear that their time has passed. The press release is a fascinating and well-presented insight into the challenges the company has faced, both explicitly in committing to a new edition and implicitly in coming to terms with their decline. But how did we get here?

In my latest video, I dissect the rise and fall of Privateer Press, analyze the factors that led to their success and those that presaged their failure.

You will also see that I've decided to spare you from seeing either my IRL face and the state of my chaotic studio. Don't worry - I'll be back in person for review content and How To Play videos. But rather than alternating industry analysis and news, I've decided to combine the two going forward and, to mark that shift I've also decided on a change in style that - I hope - will make releases fractionally easier to coordinate than they have been in the past.

On that note, I would love to monetize my YT channel, but I am only halfway towards having enough subscribers and enough watch time to be able to make that step. So if you haven't already, please subscribe to the channel.

There is still, at time of writing, a Kickstarter going on for Zero Dark Miniatures, and you can back it for unique miniatures inspired by the artwork on the cover of Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis.

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