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Update Incoming!

Since Zero Dark dropped at the end of March, I've been somewhat neglecting my website while I focused on establishing the digital communities around Zero Dark on social media - noticeably, Facebook and Patreon.

However, the time has come to turn my hand back upon my very own site.

I've recently had a big shipment in from Strato Minis, which I will be adding to the site stock over the next few days.

I've also been working on a big visual overhaul of the site as a whole, trying to re-building it in response to how my visitors use it and, of course, how I'd like them to use it.

Check out the new logo banner!

Yeah! Good, eh?

And there will be some changes in the Downloads section, too.

For now, Ballmonsters will stay where it is, in semi-permanent beta. I have plans for a major overhaul of the whole approach to the current rules, so this will stand as a stop-gap until I can give those the shape they deserve.

Horizon Wars supplements are going away. Battle Royale and The Maul are going to get a polish, formatting-wise, and find a new life on my Patreon as patron-exclusive rewards. Meanwhile, the FAQ/Errata and New Adventures rules from Over the Horizon will finally be put up on the site.

Zero Dark will be supported with an FAQ/Errata document here and on Wargame Vault.

And I will be giving more attention to my multimedia presence, too. I have a YouTube channel and a podcast. This will get more prominent billing on my website and vice versa!

My hope and plan is to make this website, as far as possible, into a one-stop shop for Precinct Omega games, so you should expect to the see the product range grow and expand over the next year or two, primarily focused on small, independent, international manufacturers for whom I can provide value by importing their range into the UK in bulk.

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