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One month in...

It's fair to say that Ballmonsters haven't been flying off the shelves since we opened, but we didn't really expect them to. What we have had is some great feedback on our site and our product.

The photographs

We've been told a few things: people don't like the close-up thumbnails. Fair enough. They actually did present us some technical issues due to the gallery options pre-packed with the template we're using, so that makes it easy. Over the next few weeks, we'll be gradually replacing the images with new ones.

We have also been asked for scale photos, so we'll also be adding these as we go along.

The basket

A few people have said the basket is confusing. Once we've looked at the photos, we'll certainly take a look at this to try to understand what's confusing people.

Ballmonsters rules!

The number one question has been when rules for Ballmonsters! will be released and the answer is: Christmas. A free Ballmonsters! beta download will be available for Christmas. We've really overhauled the earlier versions of the game, streamlining them down to just a few pages, throwing out some of the more over-complicated rules and introducing more personality for the balls themselves.

Horizon Wars

We have been asked a lot about the Horizon Wars supplements. They will be back up for sale soon. But we are also working on Over the Horizon: A Horizon Wars Compendium. This is a brand new book that comprises all the earlier Horizon Wars supplements, touched up and improved, along with several new ones. We don't have a release date for this, as yet. Our aspiration is for this to be an actual book as well as a digital download, with a price point of about £10.00.

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Francis Weiss
Francis Weiss
Sep 01, 2021

Appreciate this blog poost

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