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Lots of New Stuff!

The website has now had all of the new stock I got from Strato Minis added to it, which took the whole weekend but it's good to see them all up there.

I only have a very limited amount of everything (some things I only got one of) so if you want something, I recommend you order it sooner rather than later. But I will be getting more regular deliveries of new products from now on so, even if something is out of stock, it should re-stock within a month so watch this space!

New Mechs!

Look at them all! These guys are just delightful. They work as mechs at 6mm, as battlesuits or support robots at 15mm, and even as infantry robots at 28mm! I particularly like the Neiru (bottom left). And you should check out the Neiru Weapons set, too, because he looks amazing with a sword and shield for full-on melee fighting!

New Aircraft!

I've always been a fan of Stephane Chasseloup's designs, so having more of his awesome aircraft in the store is great.

But, as well as Stephane's designs, I've also added a whole load of Strato's in-house pieces to the Precinct Omega site. These are from their "Stratoyager" line. By the way, that's pronounced "Strato-Yager", not "Strat-oyager". I know. I've told them. They won't listen. But the designs are terrific as either atmospheric fighters, for Horizon Wars, or for space fighter combat games.

I particularly like the Blackbuck (top right) as it makes me want to write a speed racing game. That would go pretty well with the Blade, too. Hm... now there's a thought...

More Tanks!

There are, of course, lots more armour to browse as well, including tanks, APCs, IFVs, mobile artillery and the interesting defensive tanks.

But I've gone on long enough. Go browse. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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