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Updated: Apr 4

Yes, #mechweek begins today.

I have universally decided that the week commencing on or nearest to 22nd June every year is going to be The International Ambulatory Transport Platform Appreciation Period or Mech Week for short.

Because I am, basically, making this up as I go along and haven't really put any time or planning into this, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for "events". But I'll be posting a lot of photos of mechs, talking mechs on YouTube and in my podcast, and - of course - there will be deals on mechs on the Precinct Omega website all week long. Specifically, if you use the code STOMPY at checkout, you'll get 15% of all Strato Minis mechs bought from Precinct Omega (don't try this at Strato Minis, they do their own thing).

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