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Infinite Dark is on the Horizon

Horizon Wars: Infinite Dark - it's the third volume in the Horizon Wars trilogy of games that began with the eponymous Horizon Wars* and then Horizon Wars: Zero Dark.

Infinite Dark takes the Horizon Wars mechanics into space, in a tabletop wargame designed along familiar Precinct Omega lines:

- Playable Solo, Co-op or Versus

- Miniatures agnostic

- Scale agnostic (you can play fleet-scale or fighter-scale or somewhere in between)

- Customizable profiles

- Campaign rules in which pilots and captains can evolve

So where can you get this slice of Precinct Omega awesomeness? Well, the beta edition has been released to my patrons, through the Patreon campaign. This is only fair, because the patrons have been slogging their way through the pre-beta process with me, sharing their feedback, making suggestions and offering constructive criticism since the design process began. But you can still get the beta rules for a single month's commitment from $2. And if you want to walk away after a month, I won't stop you! But I hope you'd consider sticking around, because there will be discounts on the final version for patrons, as well as early access to new material; not to mention the active Discord channel for inter-patron chat and sharing.

My currently planned release date is late May 2021 if everything goes to plan.

In the mean time, if you don't want to back the Patreon, you can still join the free Facebook group. I will be posting as much new material there as I can and, of course, once the book is released, this will be much more of a centre for discussion and feedback for those who prefer not to support the Patreon or who can't do so.

As a final note, if you would like to financially support Precinct Omega on a one-off or case-by-case basis rather than with a regular monthly contribution, you can do so at Ko-fi. You don't get anything in return, though, except my personal gratitude.

*Not currently available, but a second edition is on its way in a couple of years.

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