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Infinite Dark - Erratum #1


One of the big challenges of publishing as a single-person company, with one "employee" (me) to do everything, from design to miniatures painting to art commissioning to layout to marketing is that inevitably mistakes get made.

And the blame for this falls squarely on my shoulders. The test readers at my Patreon pointed this out and I swear I wrote rules to address it but, somehow, it never made it onto my list of changes and, so, never made it into the rulebook. Anyway, here are some important rules for the solo game that should have appeared on page 69 before the solo missions:

Running Down the Clock

After setting up any solo mission, but before preparing the Control Deck, add up the total MAS of your Red Fleet and the total POW of your own fleet. If the total POW is greater than the MAS of the Red Fleet, you must "run down the clock" - that is, remove a number of cards from the Control Deck equal to the difference.

To run down the clock, first remove the Jokers, then shuffle the deck and deal out the number of cards equal to the difference between your POW and the Red Fleet's MAS. You may look at these cards. Then put them aside and prepare the remainder of the Control Deck as required by the mission.

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