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Horizon Wars: Midnight Imperium #01 - Warhound Titan

Updated: Apr 3

In response to a number of requests, I'm going to be statting up minis from Legions Imperialis to give players a sense of how to embed their games of Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark in the universe of Warhammer 40,000.

As ever, no challenge is intended to Games Workshop's intellectual property rights, etc etc, please don't sue me you magnificent, monopolistic bastards.

The Warhound Titan

I will not be statting up titans larger than a Warhound, because the "hard(ish)" component of Horizon Wars makes anything that size far beyond the realms of the possible. Even Warhounds are, honestly, beyond the limit of believability but I'm not here to suck the fun out of everything!!







Traits & Upgrades








Rapid(2), Lumbering(2), Veteran, Command* (Operations Officer), Forward Observer





Heroic Rage

The Warhound is a P5 superheavy mech, to start with. That means it comes with Rapid(2) and Lumbering(2) as standard. I decided that an Imperial titan should be a veteran at the very least, which lifted its base cost to 77.

The first thing I did was to use basic upgrades to make it faster. Warhounds are technically scout titans, after all, so M3 felt insufficient. I spent 10 points to increase M by +2 (at +P per point). Then I used the mech customisation rules to push F down to 6 and D down to 4, putting both points into A, so the "scout titan" was not only fast but agile, too.

Next I decided that, as the element would be the largest one in a Midnight Imperium army, its princeps should be a commander. Not the CHQ, but at least able to issue orders and take command if the worst happened. A 1* command upgrade was therefore applied for 3 points, and to help adjacent elements keep up with the fast (-ish, given that it's still Lumbering) mech, I also gave it the Operations Officer command specialism.

Turning to weapons, I decided that the massive meltacannon would count as the "plasma" weapons upgrade. And then, to represent the "scout" element of "scout titan" I added the Forward Observer utility upgrade.

Finally, I decided that the princeps should be a hero and, to make the element that much harder to hit, that he would have F -1 and A +1. I also have the princeps the Heroic Rage upgrade to make the titan even nastier in CQB, as a nod to the grappling claw on the mini in the picture.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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