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Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark - Six months out!

Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark is the third and final game in the Horizon Wars trilogy and, in its own way, also the first one.

Back in 2016 Osprey Games published Horizon Wars: Combined Arms Sci-fi Wargaming, which was my first published miniatures wargame. It was - and remains - a good game. But it was also the mechanical and thematic springboard for Horizon Wars: Zero Dark and Horizon Wars: Infinite Dark and, thanks to the feedback I've had from players and my own experience playing all of these games, I've learned a thing or two about game design in the last six years that have informed my approach.

This is a desktop capture of the work-in-progress interior layout. I'm hoping to commission another fantastic cover from David Sondered

Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark is a return to those roots.

If you want to think of it as Horizon Wars (second edition) you can. In principle, most of the rules from the original game have been carried over to Midnight Dark with little more than careful refinement. But a great deal has been added, and even the refinements have been made with a very clear eye on several important ideas and I'll be expanding on some of those ideas in blog posts over the next few months.

The key takeaway is that Horizon Wars is going back to its giant stompy robot roots. The current plan is a release in September. Beta editions are available to patrons if you want a preview or to give any feedback or suggestions.

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