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Clearing House

As I hope you will have seen, yesterday I started a big clearance sale for the retail side of Precinct Omega.

First, to be super clear, Precinct Omega is not going anywhere. But a while back I had to face facts that writing niche miniatures wargames, however fun and satisfying and, indeed, profitable, was not going to replace the salary I could earn in my mundane day job. And so I took myself off back to the office (in case you're wondering, I'm an HR Consultant). At about the same time that I was settling back into the 9-to-5, I also happened to acquire a diagnosis for why I have struggled with my mental health for the last 30+ years. It turns out that I have ADHD (inattentive type).

This discovery has been transformative for me, even though the prospect of medication seems distant and unlikely thanks to the massive waiting list for adult ADHD diagnosis and treatment in the NHS (I don't resent the NHS for this, by the way; ADHD diagnosis, medication and titration is an expensive and time-consuming process and I am happy to let others with more severe experiences take their places in the queue ahead of me). Even without medication it has provided me with a lens through which to look at my life and wellbeing in sharper focus than ever before (which is ironic, given that I've recently had to accept the passage of time and buy my first pair of varifocals!).

All of this is a long preamble to say that I have realized that my ADHD is what led me to try to diversify Precinct Omega beyond what any human being could possibly hope to sustain. I still want Precinct Omega's games to be a signpost for fantastic independent miniatures product developers, but I have accepted that I cannot do that through my games and dedicate large amounts of time to building and painting samples and run a separate retail business and do YouTube video animations and do all of that alongside a full-time regular office job and have the energy left over to do the marketing, publicity, events, accounting, web management, social media...

I can do some of these things. And - because ADHD - I will probably still try to do too much all at once (oh, and I need to actually, y'know, roll dice and play games once in a while). But I can, at least, cut one big chunk out of the list and that is going to be the retail operation. It's gone. It's done. It's dead. I don't want it any more.

So please - please - come and buy my remaining stock. I need it all gone this week, by the end of the week. Apart from anything else, I also need the money to finish paying the artists who have helped me with Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark which, by the way, is literally days away from being finished (except for paying the artists!!).

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