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Clearance Sale Update

So as of tomorrow (Monday) I have to go back to the office and focus on the tedious job of earning a living again.

The clearance sale will continue, but my ability to pick and fulfil orders will be limited to the evenings and weekends when I have the energy to do so. So I will keep updating the site with new discoveries and dropping prices as we go along, but I would ask cutomers to be a little patient with the speed of dispatch.

It may sometimes seem that the way "new" products miraculously appear on the site or, old products astonishingly go from "Last One! 75% Off!" to "Wow, look there are now five more in stock!" is some kind of sketchy marketing gimmick. But I swear it isn't. I'm just that badly organised and this is just one more reason why I shouldn't be allowed to run a retail operation. This stuff will keep being discounted until the last thing has flown the coop (I expect, when we get down to literally the last few bits they might just find their way into my painting queue and I'll call it good).

Today I found five more Iliada Game Studio laser-cut antenna kits.

I love a nice, scale-neutral piece of terrain and this is a great example. It works brilliantly at 28mm, 15mm or 6mm so you can give it plenty of table time. The mini in the picture is from Khurasan Miniatures, by the way, and is a 15mm piece from their Earthdoom range.

There will be another Midnight Dark update later today.

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