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Can WarCrow Save Corvus Belli?

My last video was my most successful ever by a very wide margin, so I thought I'd double down on the whole animation thing with another look at a new product on its way from another serious challenger in the miniatures wargaming industry: WarCrow from Corvus Belli.

I've said a lot of nice things about CB over the years. I like their games. I love their minis. And I admire how they've conducted business. But they aren't flawless and, even if they were, our industry is an unforgiving one. So the news that CB is (re)launching their fantasy range with a new set of games in a property called "WarCrow" is interesting. I do a rundown of the company's journey so far and an analysis of what we know about the new game to discuss whether I think Corvus Belli will sink or swim.

I mentioned last time that I was aiming to meet the criteria to monetize my YouTube channel and the extra views and subscribers I've picked up from the Warmachine video certainly don't hurt, but I'm still not even halfway there. So if you like the kind of content you get from this newsletter and would like to see more, please subscribe to the channel. The videos are designed to be easy to listen to as much as they are to watch, so you can play them while you're painting or driving or cooking without ever worrying that you're going to miss something important.

The Kickstarter is still going! We're 150% funded at time of writing and still just a few hundred pounds away from the first stretch goal to add Lox, the medic, to the team. If you've not seen him before, here's the concept art for Lox:

I'm sure you'll agree this sturdy beefcake with a heart of gold deserves to see life in miniature form! So if you're holding out on me, please do pop along and back the campaign.

If you're already on board, many thanks!

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