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Blood & A Black Flag is out now!

Grab a brace of pistols and strap on your cutlass, because it's time to get swashbuckling!

Blood & A Black Flag is a tactical skirmish game for 2 or more players, controlling between around six and ten miniatures each, with an innovative system of organizing your crew into small teams.

At its core is the activation system, which operates in a series of steps, with units and characters activating in order based on who has the highest Discipline stat, but heroes who are close enough to their units can affect who activates and when. Leave your crew unsupervised and there's no guarantee that they'll do exactly what you wanted them to!

For a more historical approach, just stick with the basic rules and equipment. Or you can ramp things up by adding advanced equipment, feats, mystic feats and influences for the ultimate pulp science-fantasy skirmish experience.

I have plans to add supplements that will create more detailed settings and options for players, but whether these ever see the light of day will depend somewhat on how well the game sells, so if you'd like to see your favourite genre get some attention in Blood & A Black Flag, go and buy it! Then tell me the setting you'd most like to play in.

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