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A Load of Massive Balls

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

The closing of a deal with our friends at Macrocosm Miniatures is the start of an exciting plan for Precinct Omega!

Those of you who follow Precinct Omega's (mis)adventures may be aware that, until this Summer, I was talking about my excitement around a new science fiction skirmish game - and sequel to Horizon Wars, our hit 6mm battle game - Horizon Wars: Zero Dark. Well, the more I looked at Zero Dark, the more I thought it deserved the highest quality release I could achieve. And the more I looked at my bank account, the more I realized that I couldn't give it the release it deserved. So I went back to the drawing board.

A New Challenger Enters the Ring!

When I heard that Chris Nicholls, of Macrocosm Miniatures fame, was looking to off-load his "Ball Monsters" range to concentrate on the Boneyards fantasy battle game, I realized that this was my chance. I had already drafted alpha and beta versions of a fun but silly fantasy sports game to support the Ball Monsters, collaborating with Chris (I was also the painter for his display miniatures!). And I realized that the release of a game with pre-existing miniatures would be much, much easier than the release of a full-colour, hardback book to match what Osprey Publishing achieved with Horizon Wars.

Not Just A Means To An End

One of the reasons I was so excited wasn't just because Ballmonsters! could be the source of the financial under-pinnings that Zero Dark required, but also because it was a great game concept in its own right.

Ballmonsters! is the foundation for more than just Zero Dark. It's going to be the foundation for an entirely new Precinct Omega adventure: one that will involve long hours, stress, tears and a lot of hard, hard work. This is the start of Precinct Omega Limited.

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