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The latest miniatures game from Precinct Omega, Horizon Wars: Zero Dark is a 15-28mm sci-fi mini-agnostic skirmish game that offers solo and co-operative play as well as traditional player-versus-player.  Explore the threats of the Fallen Earth, where a depopulated world reels from an asteroid impact and rescue missions from Mars and Venus have hidden agendas.


The break-out hit sci-fi combat game from Precinct Omega, published by Osprey Games.  Designed for play with miniatures of anywhere from 2mm to 15mm scale, Horizon Wars lets you play with whatever minis you please.  The new Over the Horizon supplement brings even more new options, including transforming units and solo play rules.


Still under development, Ballmonsters is a completely new kind of miniatures board game.  Like trying to play pool, but the balls keep eating each other and you don't know where the pockets are!  Farting, burping, flaming and pustulent, ballmonsters are disgusting, stupid and cruel so they deserve everything you do to them.

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