Selling the Farm – Other Books #1

For the rules of Selling the Farm, see here. For the full list of items currently up for bids, see here. This batch is off my bookshelf and covers all the things I’m selling off that aren’t related to Games … Continue reading →

Selling the Farm – Warhammer 40,000 Books Etc

For the rules of Selling the Farm, see here. For the full list of items currently up for bids, see here. The first batch of items for sale will be off my bookshelf. I’ve weeded out stuff I just don’t … Continue reading →

Selling the Farm

How this works All the stuff I’m selling can be seen here. If you want to buy anything you see, email me at I need to know: (1) what you want to bid on, and (2) what you’re prepared … Continue reading →

Ragnarok & Precinct Omega Publishing – The Plan

I want to get out there a clear explanation of the path I want to follow for Ragnarok and the games that follow, which is best thought of as Precinct Omega Publishing, or POP. First up, in the event that … Continue reading →

Zero Dark rolling into alpha testing

If you’ve not yet found it, you might like to check into Precinct Omega’s beta-testing forum. Currently up for testing is the Ragnarok alpha, beta version of DataWar (electronic warfare, AIs, drones and robots in Horizon Wars) and Weird Horizons … Continue reading →

#FurTheEmperor!! – The Serious Side of Silly News

What. The. Hell? This all kicked off last week, but I was very busy and, frankly, every geek and his dog was re-tweeting, sharing and forwarding this news with various degrees of hilarity, disbelief and irritation. Alex Hern, the Guardian’s … Continue reading →

It’s “Zero Dark” O’Clock!

The covers on Project Marmalade have been pulled back and Zero Dark is revealed! At least, a preliminary, limited, alpha version of it is revealed, here on the Precinct Omega Beta Testing Forum. For those of you following along, this … Continue reading →

Wargames For Everybody – Part 6

There’s a problem with constructing a complex and nuanced argument that seeks to open a debate on a complex, nuanced and highly polarized issue. The problem is that people think they know what you’re trying to say before you say … Continue reading →

Horizon Wars: Weird Horizons – Alpha Testing open

It was a brief conversation with Gergely Czuppon of Gregster’s Lab that raised to my attention the fact that, for all its many laudable qualities, Horizon Wars doesn’t do “steampunk” very well. Until now. Gergely was developing a new digital … Continue reading →

The Precinct Omega Beta Testing Forum

HERE! I’m so lucky to have built a good-sized community of interested people through my various networks, so I’ve created a forum on which to coordinate playtesting for the various projects I have maturing at the moment. Right now, Ragnarok … Continue reading →