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The Transtibetan 3000 is the long-distance multi-terrain land transporter of choice around the world.  Whilst it has been most famously paired with the Kui Missile Launcher, it is common in civilian uses.


The Support Module is a mobile headquarters, forward medical aid station, communications hub or simply VIP accommodation.


The Container may hold vital supplies, fast-moving consumer goods or a state-of-the-art field surgery unit.


The Tanker can carry rocket fuel, precious hydrogen gas or supplies of fortified milk for war orphans.  Just be sure to clean it between uses.


Models based on Stephane Chasseloup’s digital assets, converted, detailed and optimized for production by Strato Minis Studio.


This item comprises 1x Transtibetan 3000 + 1x trailer.  It contains small pieces and requires hobby skill to assemble.  Superglue is recommended.  The kit does not include bases.  This item is not suitable for children under 12.

Transtibetan 3000

£5.50 Regular Price
£2.75Sale Price
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