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Zero Dark Experimental Rules #1 - Motorcycles

I've been sharing experimental rules with my patrons for quite some time, now, getting feedback and suggestions. Some of these rules will find their way into Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis in due course, but while you wait, I thought I would start to share the better-tested ones with the world in general. First up: motorcycles.

(Just as a point of interest, this is an old, now-OOP Infinity mini. I found the picture when I did an image search for "kum biker" and this was the first example of the old, small version I could find and, by pleasant coincidence, it's one that I painted, many years ago.)

New States


Some gadgets may enter (or begin a mission) in the dismounted state. Only a mounted hero may place their mounted gadget into the dismounted state and, if they do so, the hero loses the mounted state and instead becomes engaged with the gadget. Placing a gadget into the dismounted state is an automatic action. A dismounted gadget is also in the O state and may not be activated.


Some gadgets may enter (or begin a mission) in the mounted state. Only a hero engaged with the dismounted gadget may place it into the mounted state and, if they do so, that hero also gains the mounted state. A gadget in the mounted state replaces the hero, enters the I state and gives the mounted hero whatever advantages and special rules the gadget confers.

To put a gadget into the mounted state, a hero must spend an interact action and pass an A(13) test.

New Gadget - Motorcycle

Motorcycles are a popular form of short-range personal transport on Earth that were adopted enthusiastically by X Teams looking for a rapid form of transport in the broken urban terrain. Electric drives make them virtually silent. Most X Teams leave motorcycles at the RV and proceed to objectives on foot, but a few expert riders - especially among Terran activists - use them to close rapidly with enemy forces or an objective.

A hero on a motorcycle is Cyl4. A motorcycle cannot be used by a character with AV4+ or by a synthetic drone. A hero mounted on a motorcycle cannot make cautious moves or climb (they can jump up/down and across). They can make urgent moves and do not become stunned at the end of them. A dismounted motorcycle leaves a Cyl4 marker to indicate its location.

The hero who was originally given the motorcycle as an upgrade may put it into the mounted state as an automatic action. A mounted hero on a motorcycle cannot become prone voluntarily. If they are forced to become prone, the motorcycle automatically becomes dismounted.

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