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Precinct Omega now stocks Iliada Game Studios Scenery

I have been wanting to begin stocking items from Iliada Game Studio for absolutely ages - really from before I even began stocking Strato Minis - and Ali, the owner of Iliada, and I have been talking about it for months.

Finally, I got stock in over the summer but, with the emphasis being on Operation Nemesis, I could just never make the time to update the stock list. But finally, it's happening!

I'll be adding different Iliada products to the website over the next week or two, but we've started with some of my favourites:

These are such a great little kit. Seven little sentry guns in laser-cut MDF on a single sheet gives you a fantastic, scale-neutral set that can enhance your 6mm fortifications or be a sentry gun counter at 28mm for Zero Dark. And with Red Force Sentinels coming up in Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis (at the end of this week!!), this will be a kit that everyone will want. Strictly limited supply, for now. But if they sell out, you can be sure I'll be re-stocking as quickly as I possibly can.

At first glance, this is just a power pylon for 6mm wargames. And, in that capacity, this is such a cool piece of terrain. It doesn't have to do anything - it just provides a sense of scale and immersion that this sort of addition to the tabletop does so well. But it also works at larger scales! At 15mm, this is great communications array. And at 28mm, it makes a perfect objective marker as an antenna. Just still a control panel next to it! This kit is also available as a discounted set of 3.

Walls can add so much to a tabletop when they're just the right size. These are great for funneling opposing elements at 6mm or 10mm, in Horizon Wars, but also work at larger scales. If you want to build spaceship corridors at 15mm, these will do perfectly! And at 28mm, some low walls will be an obstacle and opportunity to take cover for your Zero Dark heroes.

There's more, too. Check out our full range of Iliada Game Studios stock, here.

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