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I got a job offer from Games Workshop!

Those marvellous people at Games Workshop have seen my work on the Horizon Wars range of games and when they heard I was "between jobs", they reached out and offered me the role of Lead Designer on the new edition of Warhammer 40,000!

As you all know, I've been such a fan of Games Workshop over the years, full of admiration for their tight rules and stellar design principles as well as of their open-minded and ethical business practice. I cannot wait to move to Nottingham and take up this fantastic new opportunity.

Obviously, I can't say any more about what direction I'll be taking the game in, but you can be sure that it will heavily feature my absolute favourite dice, the d6!!

Sadly, development on Horizon Wars will have to stop here and I'll be taking the game down from sale as a necessary condition for me to accept this new job. I'm so excited to be leaving the dismal industrial wasteland of the Cotswolds for the magnificent green hills and snow-capped mountains of Nottingham. It's all space marines, all the time, from here on out!

Remember to check your calendars! :D

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