Horizon Wars – Beyond the Horizon #1

I’m going to do a series of blog posts about forthcoming additions and expansions for Horizon Wars.  I have several things already started and a long list of ideas, but I thought it would be useful to tell you a little about the articles I actually have finished – at least in draft or beta form.  What follows these will depend a lot on how the game is received by players and what people want to see.

1. Errata & FAQ

This will be the very first supplementary release and we’ll keep it up to date as a living document.  My new website will have it in both HTML and PDF format and it might well find its way onto the Osprey website, too.  The best place to post any questions or queries about the game will be the Horizon Wars Facebook page.

2. Super-heavy Elements; a.k.a. Stompy McStompyface

I consider this to be an essential first true expansion.  They aren’t included in the core rules, because it’s supposed to be a “hard” sci-fi rules-set.  But so many people already have unfeasibly large mechs and tanks in their collections that it would be an immense shame not to give people the chance to use them alongside the rest of their miniatures.

Not only rules for building super-heavy elements, but also new upgrades, expanded setting story and sample super-heavies to get your started quickly.

3. Electronic Warfare

The setting includes various references to Melds (a sort of AI made of gestalt human minds), drones and other non-human combatant types.  I wanted to include rules for these in the main book, but they just proved a bit too complex to be comfortable in what’s intended to be a simple, accessible starting place for tabletop wargaming.  However, I’ve now finished the alpha set of rules for these and I’m really excited to put them into public beta (via the Facebook group) as soon as the rules are released.

As well as rules for drones, robots and AI Command, there are also rules to upgrade your elements to be combat hackers, as well as other regular upgrades.

4. Tournament Rules

I don’t know whether people will see Horizon Wars as a tournament-style game.  I certainly hope that it’s value as a light, beer-and-pretzels style clash will be seen, but fundamentally, it’s supposed to be a balanced, competitive experience and I’ve got some ideas about how to modify the core rules to a tournament environment that I’d like to share and see how people take to them.

Again, these are ready in alpha, and I’ll be pushing them out to the FB group soon after release for testing and feedback.

That’s your starter, for now.  The Errata & FAQ document will, of course, be free.  Access to the beta testing group will also be free, via the FB group, and I expect the tournament rules to be free.

Chances are, however, that further expansion documents will be sold through Wargame Vault (or some other platform – the hosting service for my new website has given me some options) for the princely sum of £1.00 for basic expansions, whilst larger expansions, such as campaign packs, will be a little more.

In due course, I hope to collect any and all the expansions I release in the first year into a single compendium.  Whether this will then be published by Osprey, whether I’ll self-publish it or whether it’ll just goes into Wargame Vault with everything else, I have no idea at this point.  I think it depends on sales and interest.